Budgeting For Home Maintenance

Tips On Budgeting For Home Maintenance

There is a lot to think about after buying a home. Some of the things you need to think about and keep on top of is home maintenance, landscape & pool care, as well as, do research on the best roofing companies Phoenix. However, this can get very expensive if it’s not done correctly. That is why it’s important to have a budget for home maintenance. Here are some tips on budgeting for home maintenance that works well for your family and home.

budgeting for home maintenance

One tip when budgeting for home maintenance is to set aside some money for projects. You want to set aside at least one percent of the cost you bought your home for. Some people set aside three percent every year which is at or more than most people need for repairs and maintenance on their homes.

Another tip when making a home maintenance budget is to figure out what you need to get done to your home and plan accordingly. You want to make sure that you know everything that needs done to your home. Once you figure this out then you can start calling around to get quotes for the best price on the thing you need done. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of money and you will know exactly how much money you need to save in order to get the work done.

Another tip you should use when making a home maintenance budget is to not use credit cards unless you have to use them. The same goes for loans. Try to pay out of pocket if possible. This is because it will cost you a lot more money in the long run to buy on credit due to high interest rates. If you figure out what you need before you need it then you can save most of the money upfront. Then you will not need credit to fill the gap in your funds.

budgeting using credit card

Lastly, if you can do the maintenance yourself then that is a great thing to do. This cuts down on the amount of money you need to save to keep the maintenance up on your home. By buying some simple power tools, at the store, you can save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars throughout the years on home maintenance repairs. Doing the work yourself is certainly worth the effort it takes to get the job done considering how much money you save in the end.

Mitigation for seasonal weather shifts

As a homeowner, you should remember to prepare your home for adverse weather conditions. During summer when the weather is conducive, check out the following areas:

• Windows and doors
The position of the door and windows should face away from the usual wind direction. Install storm shutters to cover your windows. Bolt your doors to increase their strength.

• Fireplace and chimney
Inspect the fireplace during summer.If it requires fixing, work on it or call an expert as the charges are lower than during winter.

Always look out for mitigation plans during summer as it is appropriate and cheaper in this period.

Budgeting for home maintenance doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to have a great plan set in place. You should set aside one to three percent of what your home is worth each year, figure out which work needs done so you can start saving for the work,try to pay for everything with cash instead of credit, and do some of the maintenance yourself to save on costs. By following these simple rules you will be able to keep your home looking beautiful for a very long time.